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Magento 2 module dependency – hard and soft dependencies

In this article today I will disuse about Magento 2 module dependency. In Magento 2 we can use two types of Magento module dependencies “Hard Dependency” and “Soft Dependency

Magento 2 dependencies of modules are defined in composer.json. Hard in section require, soft in section suggest

Magento 2 HARD dependency

Module with a hard dependency on another module cannot function without the module it depends on. In app/code/Vendor/Module/composer.json require section contains hard dependency definitions for the module.

For example:

Magento 2 SOFT dependency

We can set SOFT dependency by two way – One is make dependency on suggest section on Vendor/Module/composer.json, another one is sequence node of Vendor/Module/etc/module.xml file.

Module with a SOFT dependency on another module can function properly without the other module, even if it has a dependency on the other module. In app/code/Vendor/Module/composer.json suggest section contains soft dependency definitions for the module.

For example:

The sequence node of app/code/Vendor/Module/etc/module.xml file file also contains soft dependency definitions for the module.

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