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React Native: Form Validation Multiple Input Fields

In this article, I will show you how we can validate multiple input fields. On my previous article I have discus how to implement Multiple Input Fields with add more rows with React Native. In this article I will make first row inputs are require of multiple rows.

Validate Multiple Input Fields

If you don’t know how to validate React Native multiple input fields before submit form data. I hope this article can help you to validate multiple input fields.

Validate Multiple Input Fields

Now we write a function function validateFormMultipleFields() to validate multiple input fields.

Now we write another form submit handle method const handlePressSubmitButton = () => {} to validate multiple input fields when a user submit form data to API end point.

Validate Multiple Input full Example code:

Here is full code for validate multiple input fields with React Native. You can move the code on your own created screen.

Done, now run your app using following command:

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